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Hello! I’m Elliot, and this is the introductory episode for my new “Engineering Today” podcast.

I’ll be talking broadly about the experiences, careers, influencing factors and more of engineers in big projects. By engineering, I mean broadly - all disciplines, the management, and delivery of it - focussing on development of infrastructure, transport and other major projects. But I will wonder into other topics, and probably off-topic altogether from time to time!

The reason for doing this is that I hope we’ll all get something out of it. I think the disciplines that make up engineering projects are well defined, but existing in them, working together, and navigating the options is open for interpretation. I’d like to put all that on the table, drawing on as many sources as I can. Hopefully it’ll start a new conversation.

The other reason for doing this is that it scares me. I’ve used this measure to motivate myself to do challenging things before - and hope it continues to be a good indicator of positive things in my life.

Anyway. I’ll aim to release an episode fortnightly on Fridays; Each episode will focus on one to two topics, and will be around 25 minutes long. I’m really hoping that, over time, I’ll be able to involve guests too.

For now, that’s all! I look forward to kicking things off this week. I really hope you enjoy it. Either way, please get in touch with your thoughts and ideas, you can reach me at or via the Engineering Today website:

All the best - see you on Friday!

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